The Trainer Elite G-2 is the Gun Bros 2 equivalent of the ER97E Elite. It has a relatively slow rate of fire, and is the starter gun at the beginning of the game. Its bullets are orange-yellow colored ovals.


"The tried and true staple of all newly cloned F.R.A.G.G.E.D. agents. This gun provides you with just enough firepower to keep from getting yourself killed maybe."

Appearance Edit

This weapon looks like a regular futuristic-looking rifle with two barrels and two red stripes above it. There is also a red-colored design at the back of the weapon. The weapon does not have any sights.

The Weapon Edit

For a weapon that is given for free at the start of the game, this thing isn't very bad. The only thing is that you can't put any mods on it without upgrading, and it gets obsolete pretty quickly. The slow rate of fire also means that killing enemies is kind of slow. You should get a better weapon pretty soon if you don't want to get stuck in the game. The weapon itself does look pretty cool, though.

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