Armor in Gun Bros 2 is different from in the original Gun Bros. It cannot be bought, it is found in Campaign Mode, and the more you play, the better the armor gets. They also reward you with extra HP when you find a complete set of armor. They also have a "class" which is mostly irrelevant. They will only give an HP boost, not helping you with extra attack or speed.

-->* This item is currently unavailable!

F.R.A.G.G.E.D. C HP +2 (Default)
Divebomb A HP +6 Pay Back
Son of Rambro* A HP +18 Expired
Ballistic C HP +15 Pay Back
Battle C HP +9 The Refinery/Bro-sassination
Stryker C HP +9 All
Bronco C HP +15 Bro-sport
Pacifista X1 A HP +27 The Refinery/Bro-sassination
Malware* A HP +27 Expired
Rambro C HP +18 Bros On Fire
S.W.A.B. B HP +21 Bros On Fire
Genuine USA Gent B HP +15 Bros On Fire
Lep-Bro-Kahn* X HP +15 Expired
Pugilist* X HP +15 Expired
Beater Cottontail* X HP +15 Expired
Choc Trooper* X HP +15 Expired
Pontiff of Pain* X HP +15 Expired
Power Pope* X HP +15 Expired
Neutron A HP +45 Bros on Fire
Cybr-Knight X HP +90 Bros On Fire
Ninja C HP +27 Bro-sassination
Jungle B HP +33 Bro On Bro Action/Bro-pocalypse
Ronin B HP +30 Bro-sassination/Bro On Bro Action
Drek A HP +72 Bro-sassination
Deep Blue C HP +45 Bro-sassination
Cambro C HP +54 Bro On Bro Action/Bro-pocalypse
Pacifista X2 B HP +48 Bro On Bro Action
Infoblade A HP +117 Bro On Bro Action
Corruptor A HP +72 Hired Gun/Bro-pocalypse
Urban C HP +87 Bros On Fire/Hired Gun
America FY B HP +78 Bro-sassination/Bro-pocalypse
Arctic Ninja A HP +189 Hired Gun/Bro-pocalypse
Crimson Shinobi X HP +252 Hired Gun
Badlands X HP +315 Bro On Bro Action/Hired Gun
Boomer X HP +378 Hired Gun
Menacer C HP +117 Bro-pocalypse
Instigator B HP +141 Bro-pocalypse/Bro-sport
Amphibion A HP +123 Bro-pocalypse/Bro-sport
Yojimbro A HP +306 Bro-pocalypse
Brotalo C HP +189 Bro-pocalypse
Medic B HP +267 Bro-sport
Antimalware A HP +267 Bro-sport
Pysbro A HP +495 Bro-sport
Ryno X HP +657 Bro-sport
Renegade X HP +828 Bro-sport
Oderian X HP +990 Bro-sport
Fruit of the Booms C HP +1 Bro-pocalypse
Shirtless C HP +1 Bro-sport