"The Energy Gauntlet is a rapid-fire arm cannon. Previous generations of this weapon required surgical removal of the hand. The updated versions are not so savage."

-In-game description

The energy gauntlet in a special weapon with a very high rate of fire. This weapon, costing a mere 9 warbucks, is a very good deal. It's high rate of fire and decent damage output make it ideal for mowing down large groups of T.O.O.L. peons. It rapidly fires blue orbs with a small, comet-like trail behind them. This weapon is highly recommended for beginners, as it in an easy to use, and it's rate of fire greatly increases every level, some though, consider it similar to the johnny gun, however, that weapon costs over twice as many warbucks, in exchange for a higher output in every aspect.

Stats Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Power; 70 81 93 106
Critical; None Low Medium High
Damage; 20 20 20 20
RPM; 566 682 789 968
Speed; +12 +12 +12 +12

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