T.O.O.L. Captains are bosses in Gun Bros. There is one every T.O.O.L. planet. They all have a large amount of health, and yield enormous amounts of XP when killed. They appear once at the end of every few waves, and as the waves progress, they will gain more health. They will drop F.R.A.G. Grenades upon death. Most are similar to a certain enemy found on the respective planet. The captain of Cerberus Prime is the Pus Captain, an armored behemoth that is similar to the Pus TankHaven's captain is the Quad Captain, a tank which resembles the AT-WAT. On Ceres 2, the player is faced with the Toast Captain, a captain which does kung fu moves and looks like the Elite ToasterYeroc Sina's captain is the Gunstrosity, which is reminiscent of the many projectile-shooting enemies of the planet.

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